Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review: The Warlord's Secret - Lizzy Ford

Title: The Warlord's Secret
Author: Lizzy Ford
Price: FREE
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The demon-possessed Warlord of Tiyan is at war with enemy kingdoms and her own impending madness. She discovers the answer to both her problems in Taran, a slave-turned-scout obsessed with vengeance and determined to have Tiyan and its queen for his own. Fantasy romance. Non-erotica.


I was entranced at page 1.

We found the demon when we took this land near the great cliffs.

And then again just a few pages later:
The demon’s triumph sickened her. Her father ruled a full thirty summers before the demon spoke to him and drove him mad. At five years into her rule and mere days from war, was she already toppling down the path of madness?

The beginning was intriguing, but a little confusing. (Probably because "war" isn't really in my genre.) But the writing was so incredibly breathtaking that I had to keep reading. I had to keep reading more of the wonderfully lyrical prose. The plot was unbelievably good and interesting--there's a demon inside of her? She makes the main (hero) her slave? Win!

The beginning of each chapter was absolutely the most fascinating piece of literature... ever. Each chapter began with excerpts from The Book of the Damned," and if the whole book had been written in the same format or using the same characters, I wouldn't have been able to put it down. It was so beautifully written and interesting--I kept wanting to skip the rest of the chapter to read more excerpts!

Was it my genre? No. Did I love it anyway? Yes. If I could write half as good as Lizzy Ford, I would be a happy, happy girl. Plus--it was a free download! (!!! Free!)