Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We're Spiraling Down--And We Don't Even Know It

No descriptions.

No categorizations.

No dissention.

A world without castes, economic classes, or nationality.

A perfect world.

A place where saying the wrong thing doesn't get you shunned by your peers--it gets you written out of existence.

The old ones speak of a time before The Great Evolution, when all the wealth, power, and goods were divided evenly amongst the people. A time when there was anarchy: people spread across hundreds of countries, speaking hundreds of different languages, referring to one another by the color of their skin and by their country of origin. A time so fueled by public demonstrations of outrage the history books referred to it as The Time of Chaos.

Kalila loves the world she lives in. She abhors stories of The Time of Chaos, when there was no such thing as a true equal. She is an avid member of the Evolution Society, a group dedicated to hunting down those who live in the Sewers and revolt against Evolutionists.

But while chasing a Blight through the Sewers, Kalila is thrust into The Old World, a world full of foreign customs and traditions; of strange dialects and ways. It's as fascinating as it is terrifying, and soon Kalila is drawn into the underground society, determined to protect itself from extinction.

With the sewer walls collapsing in on The Old World, and the Evolutionists preparing for their final Leveling, Kalila must choose once and for all which side she will stand with: the perfect world, or the world of chaos.