Friday, June 10, 2011

Indie-find Friday! Vampires Rule

Title: Vampires Rule
Author: K. C. Blake
Price: $0.99
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Description: They don't call him Jackpot for nothing.

Jack has always beat the odds... at least until now. When he was attacked by a werewolf, vampires saved him. When he got tired of living the vampire life, another werewolf attack freed him, making him human again. Now Jack just wants to live a normal life, but what's normal about a hunter girlfriend, a brother who wants to stake him to be on the safe side, and a head werewolf building an army to rule the world?

Jack gets caught between his old friends and new, hunters and vampires. He wants to stay loyal to both, wants to protect everyone. Unfortunately, both sides are determined to kill the other. In the end, he'll have to make a choice.

Why I want to read this book: I found the author's blog on Goodreads, and I thought, "She sounds nice. I'll check out her blog." So I went. And then I read her post about being an indie author and all the things she's done to try and get her book out there, and I thought, "She kinda sounds like me. I'm going to check out her book." So I clicked on the sample chapter she had available on her blog. And I was immediately impressed by the writing. I was interested. So I went to the link to her book, and thought, "Wow. This sounds really good. I love vampires. I like a good romance with issues--and a vampire dating a vampire hunter is full of issues. Especially since he's not a vampire anymore. What!" I did check out the reviews she had up on Amazon already, and they were pretty positive--even the ones with "feedback" were pretty positive. I'd say that is an excellent thing.

So, to sum up: vampires? check. romance? check. indie author? check. I had the book on its way in minutes!