Friday, December 31, 2010

Kindle publishing

So, after getting inspired by Amanda Hocking's story, I decided to do two things for 2011:
1. Get The Quest of Dai: The Eroe on Kindle.
2. Put at least a few of my unpublished stories on Kindle.

There are several problems with number two (number one is already on its way--how I love Outskirts Press!).

1. Unlike Amanda, I am not good at "social media." Just check my twitter. Or, ugh, my blog. Which I never update. So I'm not good at "getting the word out."
2. I have panic attacks approaching book bloggers. Seriously, I have horrible anxiety about it.
3. I have something like 6 or 7 different stories (only one of which is pretty much publish-ready) to choose from, and I have no idea where to start.

Regarding number three, I just asked my husband which one HE thought I should start by posting. I gave him a quick overview of each of the stories, and he goes, "Wow. That's a lot to choose from." Which, you know, is no help.

And, every time I think about editing one of the pieces and publishing it for the world to see, I freak myself out and go, "Are you kidding? That piece isn't good enough... No one would ever want to read that!" And yet I love it. So me inducing my own anxiety doesn't help, either.

Also--I seriously want to do re-editing on The Eroe, and yet every time I think of the monumental undertaking (it's over 400 pages!!) I go, "Uggghhh..." You'd think I'd be over that by now, but, no.

If there's anyone reading this blog, I ask you, then. Which would YOU be most interested in reading?

Allies and Rebels -
It was supposed to be a peaceful meeting. A meeting of Ambassadors to sign a treaty ending the decades-long war between the Venus-born and the Earth-born humans. It was the last meeting any of the Venus-born Ambassadors would ever have.
Kaitlyn Dreamer saw it happen. Saw her father's look of resignation seconds before the bomb hit and ended his life. Saw the Ally who could have saved him--but didn't. Saw that he was a Venus-born human, turned traitor to side with the Earth-born. And now Kaitlyn has a plan. Kaitlyn is going to make sure that the traitor pays. Not just with his life, but with the Earth.

(Untitled) -
They were at the top of their class. Prepared to give their lives fighting the Zeyons. And when they were selected for a special mission in space to finish out their training, they were ecstatic.
But they weren't ready to discover the truth behind their mission. They weren't ready to be first crew. And they weren't ready to lose one of their own...

Cisco (Untitled, but this is what I call it) -
Cisco wants to get along with her new step-brother. She wants to like him and live peacefully with him, her mother, and her mother's new husband. She wants to fit in at her new school and possibly get a date with the cute boy in her science class.
Except her step-brother has other ideas. Darkly gorgeous and alluring, Jaden wants Cisco to be much more than a step-sister. And she's not sure how much longer she can resist him...
(Okay, the summary on this one REALLY sucks, but I love this story.)

City High -
Lillian is used to being dumped off on her parent's friends or relatives. She's pretty sure if they could, they'd probably leave her at a homeless shelter just so they could jet across the world to some exotic location. So she's pleasantly surprised when the latest victim of her parent's inconsideration is a cousin just a few years older than she is. Lauren is fun, friendly, and has a great group of friends that are eager to bring Lillian into their circle.There's even the undeniably sexy Jake, whose bad attitude and yet constant consideration can't help but draw Lillian's attention.
And then she gets the feeling that she's being watched.
And then the message on the mirror, written in blood.
And then Lauren's friends start dying off, one-by-one.
With a promise that Lillian is next on the list...

Costin -
Leila should have screamed the moment she recognized the guy who had moved in next door as the same one who had robbed her months earlier.
But she doesn't scream. Instead she allows him to search for some object, with a promise that as soon as he finds it he'll disappear from her life forever. But Leila is about to discover that she holds the key to unspeakable powers. Powers that some are willing to do anything to get.

Lillian (untitled, and yes, I know, I've used the name twice. I like it!) -
Putting a poor girl in a school full of ridiculously wealthy kids is just cruel. At least, that's how painfully shy Lillian DeCole sees it. She doesn't care that her parents scraped together every last penny of their savings just to stick her in the prestigious school of rich snobs. She just wants to go to a normal school, not a place where the kids fly across the country for a weekend shopping trip.
The last thing she expects to do is end up as a maid for one of the elite kids at the top of the social food chain. She doesn't expect him to offer to teach her to dance, which, she admits, she's embarrassingly horrible at. She doesn't expect to get caught up in something that will twist her life up with the Elites forever...

Skilled -
Callie has abilities. Abilities that shot lightning across her living room and tore open her little sister's cheek. When a man appears at their door and promises he can help her learn to control her abilities, she jumps at the chance, even if it means having to go to school in a remote location miles from civilization.
At first she loves the school. Everyone is just like her, with abilities that can do just about anything. She's sure she'll be able to learn to control her ability so she never hurts anyone again.
But then Callie is selected to be a representative with Kaden as her partner, the boy everyone admires and fears. No one knows anything about what happens behind the representative room's closed doors, but what they do know is that most representatives don't last the year. They disappear, and are never seen again. As partners.
With little help from Kaden, who keeps disappearing on his own, Callie's left to sort out the puzzle herself... Before she or Kaden get them both killed...

Star -
Raised in an orphanage with a boy she thinks of as her brother, Star has never had much in her life. No one has ever paid much attention to her.
And then one day she's attacked. By little creatures. And the one who saves her acts like he might try to kill her himself.
Soon Star discovers that her life is much longer than she realizes... And that she's got a whole other world ready for her to rule it.

The Devil Child -
“God, I know someone like you probably doesn’t listen to someone like me… But… if you could… If you could grant me just one thing… I just want these last two years with her. If you grant me just this one thing, I promise… I won’t fight when you send me to hell.”

Kailee Thorman is sure this is going to be the best year of her life.

After years of homeschooling due to his mother's overprotectiveness, her best friend Chase is finally going to go school with her.

But Kailee doesn't expect Chase to have his own set of friends show up at the school.
Friends who call him, "Lord Chasen."
Friends with powers.
Friends who try to kill him.
Because Chase has been keeping a terrible, soul-crushing secret all of these years.
And now Kailee has to decide who she wants to side with--angels, or the demon who has always been at her side.

The Waif and the Bad Boy (this isn't the real name, these are the character types I used when writing it. HA!) -
Annabelle Priestly is at the top of the school's popularity food chain. Her friends set every style, fashion, and fad around. And now she's dating Trevor, the football player next door who she's been in love with since she was a child.
But a chance run-in with Trevor's younger brother Will starts turning Annabelle's world upside down. She likes his reckless, impulsive behavior. Likes the way he listens when she cries. Likes the way he always rescues her whenever she needs someone.
And soon Annabelle isn't sure she wants to be at the top anymore...

Okay, a LOT of these descriptions are REALLY lame, but I'm so bad at summaries...

Also, these are just the complete ones... I have several more in-progress, but oh man, I've been writing these for almost two hours and I'm worn out. So, you know, if you happen to stumble on this blog and you happen to think at least one of these is interesting, let me know! I'll be grateful for the input...

(I think I might just throw all the names into a hat and draw one if no one replies.)