Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scene Sunday!

So last week I posted a writer's tip for creating scenes. It was kind of fun, so I decided to do it again today. If you feel so inclined, you're welcome to make up your own scene in the comment section!

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Who: 17 year old high school girl.
What: On her way to meet her essay partner--at the beach.
Where: Malibu, California
Why: There's a project due at school on Monday, and they haven't started.
When: Early evening.
How did it go: They ditch working on the project to hang out with some cute surfers.

Brianne headed straight for her car, her assignment sheet and research papers in one hand, her cell phone in the other. "We've got to finish it tonight, Kim," she sighed into the phone. "It's due tomorrow."

"We'll be fine, Bri," came Kim's reassuring voice. "I've got a plan."

Brianne paused with her door open, one foot in the car and the other out. "Do you mean you have some weird scheme in mind that's going to end up with me grounded? Because I'm still mad about taking the fall for the fence-thing."

"That was Bobby fault--not mine," Kim reminded hastily. "I told him not to push the button."

Brianne sighed. Whoever had pushed the button, she had been the one trapped inside the field, and the one left to apologize to the owner for the mess they had created. Instead of calling the cops he'd called her parents, and she'd been grounded for nearly two months. She had almost wished he'd called the cops instead.

She finished climbing into the car, switching it to speaker phone as she drove. "Where are you now?" she asked.

"Sitting at the Malibu cafe, checking out a gorgeous group of guys who just strolled in."

Brianne groaned. "Kim," she said warningly. "We're going to finish our paper. Tonight. I can't fail this class."

"I'm just looking!" Kim protested defensively, her high-pitched tone a dead giveaway for the lie. Brianne sighed, backing her car out of the driveway. She knew Kim. Kim couldn't resist a group of cute boys, and more importantly, they couldn't resist her, either. Kim would have them at her table in less than the ten minutes it would take Brianne to get to the cafe, and their assignment would be abandoned in favor of spending the evening with this group of boys.

Maybe Mr. Sayer would give them an extension on the paper.


Jane Rutherford said...

I return online after writing and editing frenzy and BOOM, the first thing I see in my RSS feed is a story :)

That's what I'm talking about! :)

Vivian Marie said...

Ooo!! A writing and editing frenzy?! Details!!! What did you write? How much did you write? Tell me more! <3