Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Quest for Couches...

We need a couch.

We decided when we moved to Newcastle that we would leave our old, cat-shredded couch behind and let the movers toss it into the dumpster. It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time--no need to bring that ratty old thing with us to our nice, new apartment. But now that we're expecting company in two days and have no where to seat them in our furniture-barren living room, it occurs to me that perhaps we should have purchased a couch prior to dumping our old one.

On the plus side, for Christmas my parents gave us money to BUY a couch, so now we just need to find a place that will deliver it before-or-on Friday afternoon.

I don't suppose anyone has any suggestions? I was told to wait until January because there were lots of furniture sales in January, but I'm lazy and I'm thinking just buying one on Overstock.com like I had planned is still the best option. The downside, of course, is that it likely won't be here in time for our friend's arrival.

Oh curse my poor, poor planning!

Oh well. Good thing our friends expect no less from me, right??

I'm now editing page 52 of 74, which means I'm almost done. (Hooray!) This is going SO much faster than The Quest of Dai: The Malo. I have one character who made a sudden shift in behavior that bothered me, and while I kind of knew why in my head when I wrote it, as I've been going back through editing it it's been bugging me more and more. Luckily, while my husband and I were discussing the story this morning, I was struck with inspiration for a new chapter that would explain everything, so I was pretty pleased. I'll go back in and add that chapter in once I've finished this revision.

I think I'll probably have three edits before my final read-through. This edit, the next edit to fill in some scenes, and then another edit to clean up anything else I might have missed (and fix any mistakes I made in the LAST edit--not that I would EVER do that...). Then the final read-through.

Then off it's going to go to Kindle world! (And hopefully Nook world--I'm going to check that out!)

I've been doing a little bit of research around submitting manuscripts for the Kindle, and I have to say, it doesn't look easy. There are lots of rules and formatting that you need to follow. Some companies offer their services to format it for you, but since I'm doing a Kindle-only publish, and not doing it through Outskirts this time, I think I'll try to do it myself.

The manuscript is still unfortunately titled The Waif and the Bad Boy right now. My husband has been absolutely no help in trying to come up with a name for it. And I've been so focused on editing that I haven't considered a name. Usually I name the books in a moment of inspiration (or while I'm saving the document before heading off to bed) and that's the name that sticks. Who knows--maybe I'll keep this name for the book. It would certainly be... different.

And on that note, I'm going to start editing (the current) chapter twelve, which is the Homecoming scene, and one of my favorites. So time to get to it!