Monday, January 3, 2011

Compared to Your Main Character...

If you've read my blog at all, by now you know that I blog mostly when I'm writing (and it comes in spurts), and that I discuss everything I'm editing at length with my husband, who gets every chapter via e-mail as soon as it's gone through my editing churn.

So this morning he and I were discussing my latest piece (still regrettably titled "The Waif and the Bad Boy", someone PLEASE, if you find this, help me with a name!) and he compared the main character to a character on a TV show we had watched.

I found this news both alarming and intriguing. Normally when my husband makes these kinds of associations, I'm quick to dismiss them and point out what an idiot he is for jumping to such stupid comparisons. But this time, I was so caught off-guard by who he had named that I had to take a moment to mull his reasoning over. Slowly, as I thought more about it, the more I realized, "Huh... He's right. He does share some character traits with that character."

It should be noted here that this character type my husband mentioned is one I have never written before, and not one I ever would have considered writing if I had been sitting down to write some fanfic.

So you can imagine how surprised I was as I thought more and more about my story, and how much like this other character my character is. And, oddly enough, I was pleased! This story started out as my attempt to step outside of my realm and write two character types (straight from a character trait book!) that I wasn't familiar with, and I feel like I was fairly successful at it. At least, I accomplished everything I wanted to with them. And then to hear my character being compared to this other one--who by all accounts is an incredibly popular character--was flattering.

It did make me wonder, though... How many readers make associations like that? As the writer, I certainly didn't have an image of this character in my head when I started. But as a reader, would I have made that connection? Do I make those connections when I'm reading someone else's work?

Do you?


deezeeamanda said...

Now I'm dying to know who the character is.... And excited to see your new book!

Vivian Marie said...

Thank you!! Okay, you've probably never heard of him, but it's Hanazawa Rui from Boys Over Flowers. Of all characters! (The Japanese TV drama version of the character, not the manga version.) Here's a description of him, even though it REALLY doesn't do him justice:

Rui Hanazawa (花沢 類, Hanazawa Rui) is Tsukasa's best friend who becomes Tsukushi's first serious romantic interest. He is generally quiet, but has a soft spot for his close friend and Tsukushi's idol, the model Shizuka Todo, whom he has harbored feelings for since childhood. His character is a bit complex, and his feelings for Tsukushi are in a nearly constant state of flux (varying from annoyance to love), but above all cares about her deeply. In season two of Hana Yori Dango, he grows closer with Makino, but he also claimed that he loved her and that he is the one that would make her happy, not Domyouji. They eventually become very close friends and she depends on him as a confidant. According to Tsukushi, Rui Hanazawa is the one who can heal her wounds and make her feel happy and calm again when hurt by feelings for Tsukasa. Although he still loves Tsukushi, Rui eventually comes to accept Tsukasa and Tsukushi's relationship, vowing to stay by their side to make sure their love goes smoothly. It is suggested that while Rui will always care deeply for Tsukushi, he will eventually meet someone special one day.