Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update! Life and The Wrong Path

I want to start off by apologizing for not blogging for so long... My husband went away on a business trip last week, so we literally spent every waking moment together. And then when he was gone I was depressed and so just laid in bed and watched TV. (I didn't even check my e-mail!) Then work exploded, so there was a lot of sleeping involved once I finally did get home.

And my husband came home (thankfully safe and sound!) and the next day I went straight into surgery. (A couple of years ago I had a DCR, which is fancy-talk for a blocked tear duct, and it became blocked again, so I had to go back into surgery to get it fixed again.) So I've spent the last couple of days lying in bed feeling terrible as the medicine wore off. Happy to say, though, today I'm feeling much better! Plus, I have a pretty cool-looking black eye. I'm going to tell everyone at work I fought off an attacker. Ooo! Or that I'm an undercover assassin on the weekends. Or... uhh... any other ideas?

I even have some AMAZING news to share! Thanks to all of you, and to all of you who wrote reviews and blogged about The Wrong Path, I've sold ~60 copies! Considering I had no idea if people would even find the book, to discover it's actually sold ~60 in two weeks just made me want to dance! (But I didn't literally burst into dance, because I'm still feeling pretty sick.)

A huge, huge thanks to all of you for reading the book, spreading the word, posting amazing reviews, and being so supportive. I am so honored people are spending their time reading my book. I am a lucky girl!

The good news about surgery and post-surgery sleep, btw, is the random bits of inspiration that you get struck with! The hard part is figuring out which idea to go with next... <3

Thank you again to all of you! (And leave your suggestions for my black-eye story in the comments!)


blog4amanda said...

I'm sorry to hear about your eye... what has happened since your surgery again in July 2011? What kind of surgery exactly... I had the endoscopic DCR in Sept 2011 and I've had nothing but problems with it. Stent coming out and my eye. I've had 2 eye infections and 2 sinus infections. I'd love to hear about your eye issues. Hope all is well :)