Tuesday, June 14, 2011

City High - Chapter Two

I had planned on blogging another writing tip today, but then I got sucked into editing and decided to forgo it in order to post another chapter of City High.


City High

Seventeen year-old Lillian is used to being abandoned on a relative's front door while her father vacations on a distant island. But cousin Lauren isn't like the others. She's cool, fun, and genuinely welcoming. Lillian enjoys staying with Lauren and being with her friends in the city. There's even gorgeous, mysterious Jake, who Lauren solicited to keep an eye on Lillian.

But then the threats begin. Warnings written on her mirror. Dead animals in her bed. Eyes staring at her in the darkness. Someone is going out of their way to torment Lillian.

And then Lauren's friends begin dying.

Chapter one
Chapter two