Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Just Fell in Love (Don't Tell My Husband)

Above Ground
A.M. Harte

When nineteen-year-old Lilith Gray heads above ground for her first glimpse of the sun, she hardly expects to stay there — much less be trapped on the surface with no way back home. Stranded in a city of infected, her only hope for survival lies with the taciturn werewolf Silver who rescues her for reasons even he cannot fathom.

This is Lilith’s first encounter with the infected, and if she isn’t careful it may be her last. Hunted by trackers, threatened by Silver’s pack, and with the dark mysterious Snake on her tail, Lilith only has one option: adapt or die trying. Will she survive long enough to return home?

So, the book pretty much sells itself because it sounds cool. But. BUT. I ran into a post on Kindleboards from A.M. Harte and went, "Huh. Cool chick. Pretty, too!" So I checked out her site. (I'm not petty. I just like pretty things.) Then I started reading, and was startled at how well-written everything was. I mean, we're talking fully-published quality here, people. Her hooks are unbelievable. So I got more intrigued. Dug a little deeper. Discovered she had books out. ONLINE. For FREE. YOUNG ADULT STYLE.

Went back to reading her blog. Decided she was a seriously cool chick. Thought about e-mailing her to tell her I'm in love with her. Thought she might get scared. Decided to blog about her instead.

So... You know... Why are you still here? Go read! It's definitely on my TBR list. ... Along with all the others. (KATIE I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN YOU!!!)


A.M. Harte said...

You've just earned yourself a free copy once I get the damn Above Ground re-write done (what you read is a first draft). ETA September.

And, squee! You just made my day. I hope I haven't scared you by posting this. :-D

Vivian Marie said...

Eee!!! Yay!!! Omg! I just saw your comment and started giggling like a little girl. I turned to my husband and went, "OMG MY NEW CRUSH COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!" And he started laughing and he goes, "I know, I saw." Then we were both grinning like idiots. So thank you for making our day! <3 (And boy, did we need it today!!)

I cannot wait for September now! Omygosh! It's going to be epic! <3

A.M. Harte said...

Oh dear, the pressure's on now isn't it? I sure hope it'll be epic! >_<