Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Video Killed the... Book Star?

I love picturing who my characters are going to be played by.

It's a guilty pleasure, but I love it. I don't quite know when it started, really. When I first started writing I pictured it all as a giant anime. And then it slowly evolved into real people.

Now I love when I'm watching TV and I think, "OMG! That person would make a perfect [insert character name here]!" Then I turn to my husband and gush for a few minutes, demanding his opinion.

But you know what's strange? I never do that with other books. Only with mine. Only with Dai, actually... I've never done it with any of the other stories I've written. Maybe if I got as involved with them as I did with Dai, I would start to do it, too. (Maybe once you hit a point where you can recite the manuscript, you start to look for other creative ways to express yourself and your characters?)

So I wonder... Does anyone else picture people from their favorite books? Is this a common thing? Do you picture people from your stories as real-life people?