Monday, October 19, 2009

Supernatural - I'm in Love

Has everyone seen Supernatural?

Apparently the show is almost five years old. Or, is five years old, I guess, since they're on season five. But me being me, I don't watch the CW, so I've completely missed out on the amazingness that is Supernatural.

Until now...

My husband and I bought the first season while we were on vacation, to keep us busy in the hotel while we were resting. We couldn't stop watching. Is it just me, or is it one of the best shows EVER? The mastery behind every camera angle, the music and how well it ties to the show, the director's dedication to keeping to his vision, the writers and their wit, the storyline arcs and their ability to throw in a funny episode JUST when it starts to get too serious... DAMN. Seriously. How could I not know about this before?!

I love this show.

My husband and I watched all four seasons, then bought the episodes for season five through Amazon and watched those... in the span of two weeks. Yeah, we're dedicated and obsessive. It makes us fun.

And then I discover that there are Supernatural books?! I was going to buy the Supernatural RPG book for my husband for Christmas as a tease (he used to play DnD!) but then I saw that there are actual books based on the Supernatural 'verse... And more coming in 2010!

Needless to say, I ordered them.

I also ordered Richard Castle's "Heat Wave". 'cause it's a fictional book in a TV show that they made real. And that's just damn cool. I'll admit, though, I've ready read the first couple of pages, and I'm not sure I dig it. But we'll see!

Until next time, y'all... Supernatural! (And now you know what's caused my latest absence... But can you blame me? Dean is yummy.)


Southern Princess said...

lol Supernatural is a great show! Oh yeah Dean is yummy! I missed season 1 and rented it on Netflix over the summer. So GOOD!!!

Thanks for the comments on my blog - doing wonderful today - yesterday was my first day out and about again - I treated myself to a trip to ULTA.... yeah too many choices, but wonderful to be in a car and feeling like standing up & driving. Wed - Sat last week was a terrible mini-nightmare. Though I would not trade being female for male, the female part can truly suck at times. I am attempting work today so we will see how this goes.

Glad to see the blog entry from you & hope you are feeling better! How is the duct? (ever thought how duct is kind of a cute word?? Okay it must just be me then... ;o) )

Cam_Banks said...

Let me know if you need to get hooked up with the Supernatural RPG! Enjoy catching up on the show!

Anna Moore said...

This entry is so full of win, there isn't a font size big enough to express it. Seriously. I am so glad you found the greatness that is Supernatural.. and I'm glad to FINALLY have someone who doesn't think Sam is the cuter brother! Hope you're doing well :)