Friday, September 18, 2009

Review! and, To Procrastinate, or To... Well, Not?

((Miss Anna at, you may not read this until you have completed the book and the book review because I don't want to make you biased!))

So here's how it happened!

I was on Twitter and randomly clicked on one of the people I follow. Found someone she had been replying to on her page and clicked on that person's page. Found out she reviews YA books, but didn't have a zillion followers, which is, frankly, intimidating, and people don't really seem to respond when they follow a million people and they have a million people following them. It's kind of sad. Anyway. So then I clicked on her site, cautiously optimistic, and lo and behold...

Total awesomeness!!!

Seriously, how cool does Anna sound??? I had this grand plan of copying pieces of her review policy over here to show how cool she is, but I couldn't actually pick out any random pieces of awesomeness. So you just have to read it for yourself:

Now go follow her blog. Go on. Shoo.

Anyway, so I contacted her and asked if she'd be interested in reading my book, and she e-mailed me back super fast and was as nice and sweet as she sounds on her website and said she would love to read my book. So, YAY!!!! I immediately shipped my husband out to the store to get the missing pieces for my press kits so I could ship the book and the PK out to her tomorrow.

And ship out Fuzzy's. Gotta ship out Fuzzy's. And of course the PK for Miss Joni. (Hi Joni!)

And in the meantime, I'm going to ponder editing my latest piece, or just letting it sit a little longer.

Letting it sit pros: I get to slack off and read manga, and I'll have a fresher eye when I come back!
Letting it sit cons: Potential to lose the momentum... And letting other characters seep into my work. -_-

Any thoughts or advice on this latest dilemma? I'll report back when I come to a conclusion!