Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Experiences, New Writing!

I'm having surgery in two days.

The blocked tear duct means eye surgery. Which, you know, is lame. I don't want eye surgery... They can guarantee it won't scar all they want, but all that needs to happen is for me to cough in the middle of the operation and him to slip with the scalpel in my eye.

Then it's Bye-Bye Eye, starring Vivian Aubin du Paris.


I am trying to focus on the positives, you know? I've never had surgery before, so I'm trying to keep note about all of the things I couldn't know without having had surgery. Like what it's going to be like when they put the mask on me to put me out. Or what it's like to wake up and feel totally disoriented--if that's how you feel. I would say that you should expect to see a few more hospital/surgery scenes from me in the future.

Also, there is a writing competition I'm considering entering... I'm not sure if I'm going to, but if I do, I'll definitely post about it here. Anyone wanna beta read something for me if I do decide to enter...?


Southern Princess said...

Okay Vivian here is the deal: surgery is different for everyone - it makes it hard to have a handbook for this sort of thing. I had my first surgery in my 28 years on this earth last summer (giant cyst - lost an ovary - long & weird story). It was life altering - in a good way. Surgery makes you think. About the amazing things our bodies can do & also about the amazing minds that have taken so much time to learn about those intricacies. Just make sure to try to relax and trust your doctors. They really do try to make it as simple for you as possible.I will say I was VERY disoriented when I woke up but some people have told me they were fine after the effects wore off. One more thing on this: there is always fear. Don't be ashamed to be scared, embrace the fact that you are aware enough to know what surgery is but also be smart enough to not let it overtake you. I found myself last summer go from Monday = normal, Tuesday = I was being told that I could lose any chance of children or organs or I could have cancer without even a single warning. Then on Friday I lay on a stretcher listening to a soft spoken man telling me to think about my favorite place in the whole world and to count backwards from 50; then I was awake in recovery searching the room for my husband & family, then they were there. All those moments, all those fears, all those miracles they are part of my journey. They make me stronger even though I thought fear would cripple me. Know this Vivian your blog entries are peppered with a good husband, loving family & great friends. You will be well taken care of - know that out here you have people thinking about you, wishing you the best & waiting for that beta read for the contest & looking for those hospital scenes in the stories ;o) I wish you the happiest thoughts - oh and milk the recovery for all you can lol ;)

luckygirl1112 said...

Having eye surgery for the first time isn't that bad. My father has had to do it dozens of times and after the first time it wasn't all that bad. And he sneezed and the doctor was prepared. And if you need anyone to read your work if you decide to do the writing competion, I'm your person. ;) And good luck with the surgery.