Friday, September 25, 2009

Steampunk! Industrial punk! Punk Everywhere!

"Punk" is an amazing word, isn't it?

It's kind of this cute way of saying, "Anything goes!" So you just stick "punk" onto the end of it. Like "biopunk". Hadn't heard the term before, but I'm as familiar with the genre as I'm sure you are... Bioengineering-type stuff.

I love steampunk. -_-

I'm very into post-apocalypse books and movies, but there aren't enough of them out there (hint hint!). But there's a ton of steampunk books... And a TON of steampunk COSTUMES. Don't believe me? Do a quick search for "steampunk clothes" and see what you find.

Tell me you wouldn't want to run around in THAT!

Okay, well, I totally do, and there's a convention near my dear home town next month: I just found it accidentally last night, and I couldn't be happier. The only tough part is figuring out what to wear without breaking the bank... I don't even buy work clothes (which, of course, results in me never having anything to wear... the bane of every woman's existence!).

Anyway, so I'm totally thinking that my next pieces are going to be in this steampunk cyber-realm. It's a hungry audience, and I would love to be skilled enough to meet that need. But therein lies another problem... What am I going to do about the ACTUAL science I know nothing about?

Hmm... It's a good thing this alternate history/reality allows a bit of magic, huh? ;)

I'll be out for the next couple of days, I think, depending on how the surgery goes, so wish me luck!



Southern Princess said...

You are on my mind! I know everything will be fine.
Oh by the way check out this youtube video by Threadbangers on SteamPunk clothing... they show you how to make an outfit.
I just recently learned of SteamPunk style and it is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Alex here, and I am completely floored I never knew this about you, as I would of definitely made you play Fallout way back when.