Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Site Redesign? I Think So!

So, as we all know, I am horribly, horribly lazy.

I ended up letting my domains, www.vivian-marie.com and www.thequestofdai.com, expire about a month ago. As luck would have it, I was still able to get the domains back (for a "nominal" fee), and now the site is back up! YAY!

However. That being said... I still prefer the flexibility Blogger offers in terms of layout and text. So until I get my book covers and back cover text fully baked and finalized, I'll be keeping those pages/links pointing here. Then I'll be updating the website and pointing the links there. (Right now the website points here!)

BUT--new feature you've got to check out! In the upper right hand corner of this blog is a link to a page called "Stories." (It's also featured on the website.) I'll be going through and posting some original stories, like I had up on the old site. Right now the only one up is the vaguely-dystopian one I wrote--and still would like to turn into a full-length book some day. But I plan on adding the stories that I love and could never turn into actual books (for reasons such as unbelievability, length, etc.). I haven't decided if I'll use FictionPress for this yet or not--some of them are way too long to post on one page. And I'm pretty sure they need an edit or two before they go up. But they are coming!

So! Let me know what you think of the new site! (And the story!)