Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things To Be Grateful For...

So, as I mentioned in a previous blog post, I blog most often when I'm writing, and since I'm not writing, I'm not really blogging. BUT. I just got some awesome news, and it inspired me to post. <3

And, since I love me some lists, I call this one:

Things to be Grateful For:

  • Rebecca Herbst being rehired at General Hospital! We're still waiting on final confirmation/official word, but it sounds as good as gold. WE WON, PEOPLE! The girl I grew up watching is saved! I am ecstatic. I'm practically in tears because I'm so happy.
  • Housekeepers - They came yesterday and cleaned up my apartment so now it's all sparkly and clean and beautiful. It looks gorgeous! I came home from work and I gasped. My hardwood floors gleamed. It was just stunning. They even polished my jewelry case!
  • Sam having a soul on Supernatural - Sam was never my favorite character by far, but in the first half of this latest season, he was soulless and he sucked. I wonder--often--if it was hard for the actor to literally not act for half of the season. It was terrible. But then they stuck Sam's soul back in him and the spark the show was lacking came back with an astounding force! It was beautiful. I have a new appreciation for Sam, and the Sam-and-Dean dynamic. Loves it!
  • Being able to eat - I finally got to eat McDonald's today for the first time in weeks after my ulcer. It was awesome. My stomach still hurts a bit, but nothing like it did before. I forgot how good fried food tastes!
  • Thinking you're going to get in trouble for something, and then not - I was sure I was going to get into trouble for something at work, and fretted about it for two days. Once it all came down to it, not only did I not get in trouble, I was helped instead!
  • Friends who make you laugh - I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones I do never cease to make me laugh. Hysterically. And I can trust them with anything. I love them to pieces. I'm lucky they're in my life.
  • Husbands/life partners/significant others - My husband worships the ground I walk on. That's not being conceited, he really does. And in turn, he is my whole life. I'm the luckiest woman alive! (Besides all of you who also have that!)
  • Pictures of your wedding day - My wedding pictures were terrible. I hate them. So my husband and I are searching (desperately) for a place where we can retake them. A friend I once had years ago had her wedding photos redone a year after her wedding at this place/studio/somewhere in California, where they had all these sets. It looked like the inside of a castle, but I guess it was just their backdrops. They had all these different, really scenic backgrounds. I keep trying to find the place, but I can't. What's important is that someday I WILL, and then we will have awesome wedding photos. Assuming I can still fit in my dress. ;)
  • Books - I have three bookshelves. Each has five rows, about two-three feet long and deep enough to hold two rows of books. They are almost completely filled, and I still have more boxes of books in the living room yet unpacked. And I want more books. And more bookshelves. And that makes me ridiculously happy.
  • Finding the perfect couch - I finally found the couch/living room set I want. It's going to cost us almost $10,000. I may keep looking, since that is REALLY EXPENSIVE, but it makes me happy to know I can actually find something I like after all that time I spent looking and not finding anything.
  • My smartphone - I love that thing. A handheld laptop, camera, book, and phone, all-in-one. It's a thing of beauty, isn't it?
Okay, my list is long, but I bet there are things I forgot. What's on your list?