Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ran Out of Steam...

So, after about a month of solid writing--and I mean, doing pretty much nothing but write--I think I've finally run out of steam.

I've gotten 2.5 books out of the deal (and 2 of them aren't bad!) so I'm not super unhappy about it. :) I'm a little bummed I'm worn out in the middle of a good part in the ".5" of the equation, but I've still got lots of time. (It's book three in The Quest of Dai series... and I still have to republish book one! I was just on a roll and wanted to keep it going.)

Now, I think, it's finally time to tackle that TBR list. Play WoW again. Possibly do a few chores. <3 After I sleep. I have LOADS of sleep to catch up on.

I just think it's finally time to recharge that "creative battery." Has anyone else ever felt that way? It's like, "FULL STEAM AHEAD!" and then it's like, "...and the battery just ran out." It's like watching your laptop's life slowly dwindle from 5% down to 4% down to 3% and finally it goes into sleep mode. The creative juices are in sleep mode now.

Ahhh... It was a good, good run. :) I got 40k words out of book three, anyway. It's just a horribly-written (and I do mean HORRIBLY WRITTEN) first draft, but what do you expect after working endlessly on two books start-to-finish? Nothing else is going to be great, right? I thought about taking a break, but when I take breaks, I destroy the creative rhythm.

Oh! And for all those wondering, my medicine is working beautifully on my ulcer. :) I'm feeling loads better. Still on a strictly milk-drinking diet, but feeling better nonetheless. And if you're looking to drop a few pounds, just Advil-overdose yourself into an ulcer. You'll drop five pounds LIKE THAT. ;)

Now, since it's only 8:30, I think it's time to hit that TBR pile... KATIE!!!