Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Short Story! Based on a Dream...

When I woke up this morning, I refused to let my husband talk to me until I had finished typing up this story. It was written in the span of about fifteen minutes, embellished from a dream I had, so forgive me if there's some weirdness... There was even more weirdness in the dream, but this is the part I wanted to write about!

If you love someone, and they love someone else, do you love them enough to stay and watch them be happy with that person, even if it breaks your heart?


Southern Princess said...

nice. very nice. What a dream...what a question... love is that one pain/joy that we tend to put ourselves through no matter what. It seems that even if we distance ourselves it still hurts; only dimming a little most of the time or at least biding its time until we see what may remind us of that love and then when it rushes forward we endure or revel in it - the pain or joy. I would like to say I would be strong enough and could be there to see that person living their life and being happy. For your character the nearness of him is so heartwrenching and I truly felt her pain as his eyes glanced back at her for those fleeting seconds. Good dream. Good snippet. ;o)I was able to jot my dream down but have yet to upload it on my blog - I was kept busy this weekend by another type of project - check the entry out on Southern Princess.