Ah... I love to write. But sometimes the stories I write will never make it into book form. Why? Well there are any number of reasons:
  • I didn't know enough about the topic/field/area. (E.g., police procedure.)
  • It was too short and I have no idea how to make it longer.
  • It was designed to be a short story.
But nonetheless, I still love the stories, and so I'd like to share them with you! These are all available for free, for online reading. They range in length from super short to almost-but-not-quite book-length (AKA novellas). Hope you enjoy!

Title: City High
Length: Approximately 48,000 words.
Genre: Suspense/romance
Complete/On-going: On-going!
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Seventeen year-old Lillian is used to being abandoned on a relative's front door while her father vacations on a distant island. But cousin Lauren isn't like the others. She's cool, fun, and genuinely welcoming. Lillian enjoys staying with Lauren and being with her friends in the city. There's even gorgeous, mysterious Jake, who Lauren solicited to keep an eye on Lillian.

But then the threats begin. Warnings written on her mirror. Dead animals in her bed. Eyes staring at her in the darkness. Someone is going out of their way to torment Lillian.

And then Lauren's friends begin dying.


The Chambers
It was survival of the fittest.

On the other side of city center, there were no laws. No authority. No one in charge. As long as you were off the streets by curfew, you could escape the Chambers.

But not everyone is so lucky. Not everyone gets to escape.

And Ariana and Levi are about to discover just what kind of horrors the Chambers contain.